A-C of the Knights Templars in America


All this week we will be taking a look at the Knights Templar in the USA and associations that claim affiliation with the ancient Order of the Temple of Solomon.  Join us as we discover their history, foundation and the probability of them being anything other than a group of fantasists with nothing more than a romantic nod to the famous Knights.

Here we run down A-C of the Star Spangled Knights.


The Templar Hall of Fame, Arizona

So the Templars appear to have landed in Arizona.  One thing is for certain that their only point of research (their website) appears to be shrouded in mystery as much as the original Order was back in the 1100′s.  They appear to have missed off any of their contact details, location of their meetings, schedule of events, their own personal history. Is this an oversight or could it be a ruse to attract our interest even more in their secret goings on.  We are however given an email address where we can contact them so must be grateful for that.  How is a Templar supposed to get hold of his colleagues these days?

There is no real history on the website about the foundation of the order in Arizona, when it began, who there members are. There is just a load of generic Templar history alluding to an organisation that is thriving the world over.


A Knight proudly shows off his newest purchase at another Templar auction.

Well for all the secrecy shown by the Arizona bunch it appears that the group based out of St Michaels Mount in Arkansas would like you to know everything.  Not very secretive at all but that doesn’t make them appear any less interesting.  They appear to have their own history which does cross over into the traditional and more academically agreed history of the original order but it gives them a unique standpoint in that they are also an organisation in their own right.

The history of Mount Saint Michael’s is very recent in comparison to almost all other Priories in the United States.

The Young Commandery was found in July 2000 by His Excellency, the Honorable RADM Chev. Andrew P. O’Rourke, GCTJ, GMTJ

Grand Prior O’Rourke installed the Commandery of Mount Saint Michael’s with a territory that included the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana.

He selected as their Commander, Chev. Frank E. Mulrine, CFE. GCTJ, Chev. Mulrine started the Commandery with 15 members.

The Commandery held many Socials, House Parties, General Meetings, and functions of different sorts, for the purpose of sharing Templarism with their friends and relatives.

So there you have it. If you want the best Templar House Party then contact these guys who are likely to put on a good performance of medieval madness.


Fun and frolics in the sun at the Los Angeles Templars Beach Party

Only in California, the Orange County, would an organisation claiming affiliation with the Knights Templar organise a “Beach Party” to show off their Knightly awesomness.  Chastity belts and chain mail swimwear at the ready there is no stopping this medieval order from having a good time on the Pacific Coast.

From their website: “Unlike the Knights Templar of old, we have put down the sword and become bridge builders to operate as a modern-day worldwide network of educated professionals in such widely diverse protocols as senior government officials, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, senior clergy, retired and active military, physicians and surgeons, engineers, attorneys, historians, and humanitarian caregivers.”

It would seem they have missed off “Party Animals”.  For the coolest band of non-warrior monks (and monkettes) known to man, I would suggest joining this crew for the ultimate thrill of slow roasted pigs bladder on a beach BBQ!

Membership however requires you to be a Christian and is by invitation only.  Damn I was so looking forward to next years beach jousting championships as well!


As per Arizona, they fall under the rather secretive Manus Minor of the Great Southwest.  I have no idea how to find this lot.  I would love to know so please feel free to contact us if you have any idea.  Next time I pass through Colorado by train I will make sure I keep an eye out for a Knight in shining armour.

Idaho to Missouri Knights Templar Organisations will follow shortly……


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